So who is this weirdo?

Hi! My name is Liam and I am a beginner birder living in Glen Massey. I first became interested in birds after a 6-month missions trip to Papua New Guinea in 2016, and my interest grew from there! I am now a member of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand and Young Birders New Zealand (OSNZ and YBNZ respectively ). So now, I'm starting this blog so I can share my birding adventures with anyone who will listen ☺.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hi and welcome!

Hello everyone!
Thanks for making it this far! Hopefully a few people will have read this, even though currently there is NOTHING to do with the Waikato OR birding. Soon I will have something posted, I promise ☺. To keep you occupied until that day/month/millennium here is some info about me:

I am a 15 year old birder living in the Waikato, in Glen Massey. My passing interest in birds exploded into a passion-bordering-on-obsession during a 6-month missions trip to Papua New Guinea, and now, 9 months and 172 birds later, I decided to write a blog. (Or at the very least, try). I also have a Flickr account which you may stumble across, and I pity anyone who does... But, if you do want to see it, here it is:

That's all for now, soon I will post on the birds found around my home village, plus info and a post on my 3 favourite birding locations...

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